What to Pack for your upcoming adventure

Our idyllic summer weather tends to be dry and cool with highs in the 70s and 80s most days. Afternoon rain showers frequent the valley, but are usually gone in two flicks of a horse’s tail.

Jackson Hole has recorded snowfall on every calendar day of the year, so it’s good to come prepared for colder weather, too. Especially at night and early morning, which often demand an extra layer.

The following packing list will help you prepare for your visit with us. If we can help in any way, please give us a call at 307-733-3435.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Lost Creek Ranch!


  • Long-sleeved shirts for layering and cooler mornings.
  • Sweatshirt, coat, or light jacket for cool morning activities and unpredictable mountain weather.
  • T-Shirts to stay cool when it heats up later in the day.
  • Blue jeans for comfort and protection from brush and trees while horseback riding.
  • Shorts for lounging around the ranch when its warm.
  • Cowboy boots for riding. We recommend a hard-soled boot with a heel for riding and do not recommend wide hiking boots as they aren’t the safest for riding horseback. No tennis shoes, sandals, etc. allowed for riding.
  • Swimsuit for the hot tub and pool.
  • Broken-in hiking boots are best for hiking our rugged mountain trails.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen. The ranch is at 7,000 feet where the sun’s rays are considerably more intense than at lower elevations. Sunscreen is complimentary and available in your cabin.
  • Rain gear for the occasional passing afternoon rain shower. We do provide rain slickers that you can tie on the back of your saddle. You’re welcome to bring your own gear as well.
  • Casual clothes. We want you to be comfortable. The fanciest dress we usually see is often a clean pair of jeans (or khakis if you prefer) and a nice shirt or blouse.
  • Cowboy hats or ball caps to keep the sun off your face. For cowboy hats we require a stampede string on rides. Either kind of hat is available in the gift shop.


For riding, we do require boots. A boot with minimal or no tread and a pronounced heel for riding (1″-1.5″) will keep your foot from slipping through the stirrup.  Cowboy boots are preferred but lace up boots and some taller dress boots may be acceptable as well.  Hiking boots and sneakers which offer too much tread can get stuck in a stirrup and are not permitted for riding.

Here’s a couple examples of good boots. 

  • Ariat offers popular riding boots.
  • A roper, straight or block heel is often more comfortable for those who wear traditional hiking boots, etc. to walk in then for example a pitched, cowboy, riding or fashion heel that is slanted.
  • A nice utilitarian option for riding/western fashion boot for ladies – https://www.tecovas.com/products/the-jamie?color=scotch-goat

  • There’s also a Boot Barn in Jackson and we have a backup of used cowboy boots at the ranch (think bowling alley shoes though). We may not have every size or preferred style, but we keep a variety on hand just in case.