Jackson Hole Wyoming dude ranch


Personalized service with a Teton view to die for...

We bridge the gap between service-oriented luxury and the romanticism of the Old West. In an all-inclusive atmosphere where the mountains are big and guests' smiles are bigger.

  • Relax with eye-popping Teton views in a one-of-a-kind location
  • Recharge with personalized service and a modern spa
  • Rejuvenate with adventurous activities like horseback riding

Click below to find out what sets Lost Creek Ranch apart in our impressive mountain valley of Jackson Hole.


Architectural Digest praised Lost Creek accommodations for their Old West elegance. Once you settle in to rustic cabins tinged with luxurious sensibility, you will too.

Ride a well-trained horse into the Teton sunset or replenish in a modern spa with astounding personalized service. Live the outdoor dream with varied activities you can only find here.

Sample elevated Rocky Mountain cuisine from a made-to-order dinner menu. All from a dining room with great Teton views. Or enjoy a satisfying mountaintop cookout after a horseback ride.



Set your children free in a program that allows them to enjoy each other and ranch activities more independently

It's tough to let loose when you feel like your kids aren't safe and sound. Your kids from 4 up will be in good hands in a program tailored to them.

  • Kids-only activities and outings put them with peers under the supervision of patient, caring wranglers.
  • Riding instruction on experienced, well-trained horses puts them in control.
  • Their independence opens up your vacation for what you want to do.
  • Families ride together, but you can coordinate with your kids' new friends to go on the same rides.

Deep relaxation and satisfaction with a Teton view

Rejuvenate your body and calm your mind in the spa or fitness center.

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