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Lost Creek Ranch & Spa Family Dude Ranch Vacations Jackson Hole Wyoming

The ranch is a special place for children – a place of dreams and stories. At Lost Creek Resort, their dreams become reality. In order to provide an experienced tailored for young minds and bodies, we have an extensive kids program. From kids-only horse rides and instruction to kids-only outings, you will wish you were their age again!

The ranch staff includes wranglers with patience and experience in children’s riding needs. We have a group of horses that are especially reserved for children based on the horses’ ability to quietly guide the rider on top when necessary.

The kids program allows children to play with their peers instead of dragging their boring parents around. Many of our guests return for the same week each summer so that their children can spend a week with other returning families. These children are starting to return to the ranch with children of their own, intent on providing them with the same wonderful experiences.

The program not only allows the kids to enjoy each other, but also gives their parents some time to relax independently. Our minimum age for the kids free riding is 6 years old. So the youngest kids don't feel left out, we offer the opportunity for parents (or a nanny/babysitter) to put their child on a horse and lead them around the ranch.

Family Dude Ranch Vacations Jackson Hole
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