horseback riding jackson hole


Horseback riding, Float Trips, and Beyond in Jackson Hole

horseback riding jackson hole


To experience Jackson Hole to its fullest, it's great to have a guide to wrangle you through the best summer activities.

Horseback riding, of course, is a must at a Jackson Hole Dude Ranch, but beyond that you can:

  • Float the Snake River
  • Hike in the Tetons
  • Fly fish
  • Soak in our pool or hot tub
  • So much more
horseback riding jackson hole

Horseback Riding

Mount up for Wyoming horseback rides in the Tetons

Wranglers pair you with one of Lost Creek Ranch's 80 horses. Your mount will match your ability level, height, weight, age, and former horseback riding experience and stay with you for the entire week.

Each horse is trained to know its job of making you comfortable while enjoying your time on the trail. And the professional wranglers will encourage you with daily professional instruction at your level to become a more accomplished and confident rider.

Though our wranglers may come from various walks of life one thing is shared by all of them. They each have a passion for horses, for people, and for our way of life. They'll make your horseback riding experience at Lost Creek something special.

horseback riding jackson hole

Snake River Scenic Float Trips

Enjoy mountain grandeur as you encounter wildlife and wild scenery

The stunning Snake River winds from north to south through Grand Teton National Park.

In the quiet early morning floats, watch for elk and moose through the mist as they come to the water's edge to drink. Overhead, osprey and eagles may soar with fish wriggling in their talons. Or you could glimpse the shy but playful otter or even witness a black bear and her cubs as they forage for berries along the banks.

Lost Creek Ranch offers scenic float trips on the upper portions of the Snake River. Each boat contains a mere eight people or fewer. We provide hot beverages to keep you warm in the sometimes chilly morning air.

Please call for reservations and availability. Children must be at least 6 years of age and exceed 40 pounds to participate in our scenic float trips. We can also help you arrange a whitewater trip down the roaring rapids of the Snake River as it slithers past Jackson Hole.

horseback riding jackson hole

Grand Teton National Park Guided Outings

Load up for a local's perspective on the majestic Tetons and their surroundings

Lost Creek Ranch is located near Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Spend a day touring Grand Teton National Park in a comfortable Lost Creek van along with an experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable guide.

Learn the ins and outs of the mountains, see wildlife, and otherwise come to know this incredible area.

We can book guided outings at additional cost for Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

horseback riding jackson hole

Nature Walks, Jogging, Biking

Explore a vast mountain wilderness out your back door

East of Lost Creek Ranch and literally out your cabin's back door, a vast mountain wilderness criss-crossed by trails awaits you. Take a wilderness walk or get adventurous with a longer trek.

Guided nature walks leave from the ranch and go into Grand Teton National Park, which borders the ranch.

If you are interested in the main trailheads and hikes in the park, a complimentary shuttle is available certain days of the week, though park entrance fees are not included.

You can even chart your own path to ponds where moose will be bobbing for bottom weeds, their racks covered in water lilies.

Want to get out for an early-morning jog, walk, or bike ride? Miles of dirt roads around the ranch give you safe haven to pursue your fitness while admiring the Tetons.

  • Satisfying packable lunch provided by kitchen for hikers
  • Hundreds of marked trails available, many within minutes of the ranch
  • Please bring your own pack and hiking boots for hiking
  • Bring your own bike or rent for the week from town. You can also rent for short day trips just 15 minutes from the ranch.

Even Jackson natives say a lifetime isn't enough to explore the nooks and crannies of the valley. So you better get started while at Lost Creek.

horseback riding jackson hole

Golfing in Jackson Hole

Award-winning golf in an incredible mountain valley

Two award-winning semi-private golf courses in Jackson Hole leave some tee times open to the public. Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club and Teton Pines are respectively a mere 20 minute and 40 minute drive from the ranch.

Imagine a day of golf with clean mountain air and majestic views topped off with a relaxing spa treatment at the ranch.

We'll be delighted to help you arrange tee times upon your arrival.

Ranch pricing does not include off-site activities.

horseback riding jackson hole

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing

Fish sparkling spring creeks, the mighty Snake River, or beautiful mountain lakes

Jackson Hole attracts fly fishermen from around the world. We have browns, rainbows, and native cutthroat trout in the Snake River at our doorstep. Several lakes and ponds and many small, clear streams are all within an hour of the ranch.

The ranch has a fishing permit and equipment to provide an enjoyable trip right from the ranch. We also contract with a phenomenal fishing guide if you want to get on a fishing float trip. From a self-guided hike along a mountain stream to a guided day on the Snake River, we can arrange a perfect day of fishing. (The catching is up to you.)

Ranch pricing does not include off-site activities.

horseback riding jackson hole

Evenings at the Ranch

Head to the lodge for cookouts, lounge mixers, rodeo, stargazing, and more

Most nights at the ranch you'll find yourself drawn to the lodge for live musical entertainment, lounge mixers, and other fun vacation activities. Feel at home in a let-down-your-hair atmosphere with no specific dress code, even for dinner (a dress code we enforce during all activities at the ranch so you can be as casual and comfortable as you want.)

You'll feel at home in the lodge with its amazing view. And you'll probably use it as your comfy living room to unwind by the fire, your dining room, and your entertainment room for the week.

Evening activities include the following on various nights of your stay:

  • Evening cookouts
  • End-of-week feast
  • Rodeo trip into town to see bull riding, bronc busting, barrel racing, roping, and more
  • Stargazing with a local astronomer
  • Lounge mixers
  • Live entertainment

There is something for everyone to enjoy each night.

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