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Lost Creek Ranch & Spa Wyoming Dude Ranch horseback riding

Horseback Riding at Lost Creek Ranch

With a herd of over 100 horses you can rest assure we will have a horse to match your ability level. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure each horse knows their job. That job is to see to it that each guest is comfortable and that each guest has the time of their lives out on the trail.

When you first arrive at the ranch we ask for all kinds of personal information (height, weight, age, riding experience) that will help us choose the right horse for you. That horse is then yours for the entire week. It's nice to see people increase their riding ability but we really encourage people to do so at their own comfort level. We offer professional instruction each day for those interested in becoming more comfortable or a more accomplished rider.

Though our wranglers may come from various walks of life one thing is shared by all of them. They each have a passion for horses, for people and for our way of life. They are experienced horse people who are willing and able to assist in helping make your visit to Lost Creek a most memorable one. There's something pretty special about seeing this part of the country from horseback. When you get to the top of one of the many peaks or mountains around the ranch and are able to peer through the trees or enter an open space where you can see the valley, it will literally take your breath away.

Wyoming Dude Ranch horseback riding
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