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Dude Ranch Vacation Jackson Hole

We're looking forward to seeing you at Lost Creek Ranch. Many guests wonder what they should bring for their Jackson Hole dude ranch vacation. This packing list will help you prepare for your visit with us. If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 307-733-3435.

Outerwear - Mornings and evenings can be cool. For activities during these times (horseback riding, scenic float trips, hiking, etc) we recommend long sleeve shirts and/or a sweatshirt or light jacket. By midday during the summer, T-shirts and shorts may be preferred.

Blue Jeans - Bring plenty of jeans! They are the most comfortable for horseback riding and offer good protection for your legs as you ride through brush and trees.

Cowboy Boots - We recommend a hard-soled boot with a heel for riding. We do not recommend wide hiking boots as they are not the safest for riding horseback, and we do not allow tennis shoes for riding.

Hiking Boots - A good pair of broken-in hiking boots are best for hiking our rugged mountain trails.

Swimsuit - An essential item of clothing for the hot tub and those cooling off sessions in the pool.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen - The ranch is at 7000 feet where the sun's rays are considerably more intense than at lower elevations. We do have sunscreen available in the gift shop.

Raingear - Rain showers in the mountains are not unusual. We do provide rain slickers that can tied on the back of your saddle. You are welcome to bring your own gear as well.

Warm Coat or Sweater - High Mountain weather is pretty unpredictable. We recommend a fairly warm coat or sweater in case it's one of those unusual days when it snows in August.

Casual Clothes - We want you to be comfortable. The fanciest dress we'll wear is often a clean pair of jeans (or khakis if you prefer them) and a nice shirt or blouse.

Cowboy hats or ball caps - We have both available in the gift shop and they are recommended to keep the sun off your face. For cowboy hats we require a stampede string to be worn on rides. They are also available in the gift shop.

Dude Ranch Vacation Jackson Hole
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